School Supply Drives: Free School Supplies

It is time!

Time for our little ones or bold and sassy ones (teenagers) to jump-start the new school year.  Are we ready or are we Ready!

Strenuous right shopping for clothes and shoes to match their personality.  Spending hours at the shopping centers.  Caring all the bags.

Going over the student handbooks, meeting teachers.  What about filling out all the paper for registration and finding all the forms required.  Schools have moved to online registration, thank goodness for technology.

More importantly, what about all the supplies taken in on the first day, or even gradually because it is so much.  And do not forget about the restocking of supplies the next semester.

How about we make getting those supplies simpler, right.  All states may not, but Walmart does an excellent job of having different school’s supply list handy in their stores.

Did a little research on it to share, because I do value my followers

In return, just comment on what your state has planned for any supply drives.  Include the address and times of the events.  Simplicity!

Also, because sharing is caring, do like and share this blog so that it reaches all the parents in need or parents looking to simplify school supply shopping this year.