Back two School Motivation

Wow! Can you hear the excitement within the walls of your house? Walls are screaming to me daily the numbers of days left before the children start school.

Now that we have school supplies out of the way.  Let us move into school opening back up and summer officially being over for the kids.

Is there anyone more excited than me?  And, what do we as parents do with a little extra quiet time on off days?

I know, I know not all of us will have the luxury of quieter off days due to work hours like an 8 to 5 or that forty-hour shift. But it is okay you can take time on break and follow along on a journey with me and see how quieter days are going for others.  Look at it as the next best book just being published.

Forty hours a week worker’s, there is always that allotted time off.  Then those quiet days can be spent dancing in the clouds. Or, doing happy hour with friends and family, but to each its own.

Aside from this precious envisioned inaudible time, I have a young one that is just starting school this year. My only daughter and I have been emotional about her first year in school.  It has always been different for her. She is the only child of mine that did not get to experience daycare much or a preschool program. So, this is going to be an experience for me. Nevertheless, I am ready for it, says my mind.

It is rather frightening these days with so much going on about the danger children face during school hours. We must teach them so different at an early age now because of bullying and violence.  As parents, we try to provide our children with the needed skills to stay focused and become successful in life. But what do we do when the advice goes wrong?

A quote I love dearly is from Margaret Mead, and it states, “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” It is a powerful statement, and I understand it entirely, but does it work in the 20th century, or even a decade from now? Moreover, I guess it would depend on the parents and what parenting skills they attained through the years.

Also, what have we done as parents to get our children ready for the upcoming school year? Have we done prep talking about rules and behavior? Better yet, have we given motivational insight to make this school year jump start with positivity?

Here are somethings we as parents can do to help ease the children’s summer is over mood (use according to age):

  • Excite them with being able to see old friends and meet new ones.
  • Stimulate them with the fun they will have during recess with friends.
  • Encourage them about any sports that may be able to play.
  • And what about the cool clothes and shoes they get to showoff (younger kids love lights).
  • Attend an open house to meet with teachers. This way, the child is a bit more familiarized with not only the teacher but the class and possibly other areas like the lunchroom and gym.

And of course, since it is on your mind, investigate other avenues to help on this motivational goal for the school year to keep our children happy and engaged.  They are our Future!

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School Supply Drives: Free School Supplies

It is time!

Time for our little ones or bold and sassy ones (teenagers) to jump-start the new school year.  Are we ready or are we Ready!

Strenuous right shopping for clothes and shoes to match their personality.  Spending hours at the shopping centers.  Caring all the bags.

Going over the student handbooks, meeting teachers.  What about filling out all the paper for registration and finding all the forms required.  Schools have moved to online registration, thank goodness for technology.

More importantly, what about all the supplies taken in on the first day, or even gradually because it is so much.  And do not forget about the restocking of supplies the next semester.

How about we make getting those supplies simpler, right.  All states may not, but Walmart does an excellent job of having different school’s supply list handy in their stores.

Did a little research on it to share, because I do value my followers

In return, just comment on what your state has planned for any supply drives.  Include the address and times of the events.  Simplicity!

Also, because sharing is caring, do like and share this blog so that it reaches all the parents in need or parents looking to simplify school supply shopping this year.

My First Blog Post

I thought it was Easy!

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

I am a single mother of five children, with a bachelor in Applied Behavioral Science. My goal has always been to become a Psychologist, and even though I am 10 classes away from that, I decided to take a break and do something else I have a passion for, writing.

So, here I am starting a blog and never in a million years would I have thought it would be so complicated to sit and write down things that interest me, or even the situations in life I feel I have all the answers for, hilarious right.

Never fear, I did what we all do when journeying into something foreign to us, I Googled it. There is some excellent information on the web about blogging. However, two people that grasped my attention the greatest are Jessica Knapp and Michael Pozdnev. So much information was provided, and through their guidance, I am here on the journey of reaching an even greater spectrum of the world than I would if I was a psychologist.

The first article I read was straightforward and user-friendly for me as a beginner. Jessica even explained the many different websites you can explore for a startup. The second article, after only skimming through others I looked up, was How to Write Your First Blog Post (16,000- word Guide + Expert Tips). It blew my mind how much information was put into the article, so I bookmarked both pieces as I journey off.

Topics of discussion will be on a variety of things, and of course, they reach all age groups because what better way to stay connected if we are all on different pages. But, what better guidance than that of your loyal followers right.

I look forward to your feedback.