Getting Started

When ideas start as a thought in mind, you begin to move forward on those thoughts like the speed of lighting. However, when it is time for the views to start unfolding into action, it is then that you realize how making outlines, and doing research make those thoughts and actions behind them easier.

Being able to reach out to a broader audience is a road about giving advice, helping others, brightening one’s perspective, and being able to use feedback from the audience as the next stepping stone in some occasions.

What is SPOF5? Some of you may have guessed it, but it is a single parent of five. Yes, five children and me, and I mean really unique though. It has made me laugh on several occasions I would hear someone say they have five or more children, and my first reaction is always Awe Mane! Then I remember I have five myself. But, I would not trade it for nothing in the world.

So yes, some of my blogging will be on parenting, because it is incredible the different phases children go through both good and bad. And since there is no book on parenting, I will share my stories to help others or even read a comment where someone is helping me.

That is a little piece of my life, and there is so much more. I plan to tackle a full spectrum of topics and ones that I know well because they are part of my personal life. However, some problems are not so particular due to the number of individuals that may be tackling the same thing. And now, we will get through it together.

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